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Friday, 15 November 2019

Hacking! Full Information |

In today's world, you must have heard the name of hacking at some time.

Today we will know what is Hacking and how many types of hackers are there.  Nowadays the demand for computers and smartphones has increased so much. So the hacking activity is rapidly increasing. In this article, I will tell you all the information about hacking.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to exploit its weaknesses to gain access.
 Ex. of hacking - Wifi network hacking, password hacking to gain access to the system , network, etc.

Types of hackers -

Hackers are mainly 4 types.


1.White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers or ethical hackers are known to many of us for their ethical behavior. They are the cybersecurity experts who are hired by government and private organizations to hack their systems and surface the vulnerabilities most ethically. Ethical hackers penetrate and identify loopholes to protect the IT infrastructure from other malicious cyber attackers.

In short, these are the right people who hack your system intending to find vulnerabilities and help you in protecting it from malware or other types of attacks.

2. Black Hat Hacker

Black hat hackers are the real culprits that we should be worried about. Whenever you hear about an incident, remember that a black hat hacker is behind it.

These attackers are inspired mostly by monetary benefit or other criminal intentions. They usually target financial institutions, healthcare, or businesses where they can reach the crucial personal information. These hackers also intrude on the personal computers of individuals to access personal business and financial information.

3. Gray Hat Hackers

Gray hat hackers stand in the mid of white hat and black hat hackers. Though they may not use the hacked information for personal gains, however, their act is backed by both good as well as bad intentions.

For example, a gray hat hacker intrudes an organization’s infrastructure and leaks the vulnerability over the internet or informs this to the management, to prove his hacking skills or to ruin the brand image.

A gray hat hacker does not take any information from the victim organization while intruding their network. That means he is not a white hat hacker. Neither he holds any legal authorization to hack the organization’s infrastructure to consider him like a black hat hacker either.

In brief, a gray hat hacker is someone who hacks without ethical permissions but does not use the compromised data for any benefit.

4. Script Kiddies

An amateur hacker who has no good coding skills usually download ready tools or uses available hacking codes from other developers and hackers to impress their friends or gain attention.

Script Kiddies don’t care about learning the hacking script seriously. They launch an attack without bothering about its quality by using off-the-shelf codes and tools. The most common cyberattacks by script kiddies would include DoS and DDoS attacks.

Skills For becoming a hacker

For becoming a good hacker you must have some basic knowledge. You must have learn these basic things.

1. Basics knowledge of computes

If you want to become a hacker or learn hacking. In the beginning, you need to have a basic knowledge of computer , such as how the Internet runs in the computer, what is the Dos Command, how does it work etc. There are different types of commands given in DOS command, what is Registry, how to edit the registry, it is very important to know all these things in the beginning. To learn hacking in beginning.

2.Must have knowledge of networking

 It is very important to know about networking in hacking. Only then you can hack any network or website. Without networking knowledge, you cannot hack any networked things. In networking, you must learn about TCP / IP, Subnet,  Knowledge of networking like Topology, Hub, IPv4, IPv6, etc. It is very important, without network knowledge you cannot become a Hacker.

3.Must have knowledge of programming language

 To learn hacking, it is very important to have knowledge of programming language. If you do not have knowledge of programming language, then you can not learn hacking. You can't make your own scripts . Without knowledge of programming, it is very difficult for you to understand software, scripts tools, loopholes, etc. You will not understand what will be taught in the programming language.  HTML, Scripting Language, PHP, Linux Programming, C Language, Perl, Ruby You can learn English, it will make it much easier to learn hacking by going ahead.
You must learn Python language for best in hacking. Python language is used for creates scripts etc in hacking activities.

4.Must have knowledge of Linux

 The most important thing to learn Linux. Hacking tools are the biggest weapon of a hacker. Mostly Hacking tools can not do any kind of hacking without Linux operating system. You can use hacking tools only in Linux operating system .  You can create hacking tools in the Windows system , parrot OS itself. So to learn hacking you have to have a lot of knowledge of Linux.

These are the some basic skills for a beginner hacker. There are so many skills , other than this. These skills must have in you.

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